Jon Ledin

B.A. Degree

Associates Degree

20 years U.S. Army 

Crystal Mountain Productions is more than photography. I do a mixture of photography and video production.

The wedding photos are stock photos. I placed them in a gallery to let you know I can do weddings. Call for a consultation 913-687-9382.

I started learning how to use the camera when I was in the 5th grade. My mother allowed me to take her camera on a school field trip to Abraham Lincoln's home. I developed a love for photography from my mother's sisters who traveled extensively overseas.

My Aunt June gave me an 8mm video camera when I was about 14 years old, and I started making my own home movies. I claim to have come up with the idea for the camcorder.

My brother Jim and I were always trying find ways to sync the video with our audio recordings. I have a home movie to prove what we were trying to do. But since were teenagers, we never could get the two devices to sync up.

Unfortunately over the years, a lot of my home movies became overexposed since I stored them in the attic for years. When I was stationed in Germany, I took tons of photos but there are no where to be found since I moved so often.

I have done several projects over the years as a hobbyist.  Then in 2013, I started my own production company called, "Refined Edge Productions". I did a lot of college projects with photos and video.

In 2016, I did a documentary on two school closings in Kansas. I took photos and did on-camera interviews with students, parents and other people in the community. The two towns affected by the closings were Marquette, KS and Mt. Hope, KS.

You can watch an interview I had with two young boys from Mt. Hope, who started their own hot dog stand on my video production page.

Recently, I changed the name of my production company to "Crystal Mountain Productions".

I will work hard to make a great production for your project. I call it a production since I try to make each project look and feel like a movie.

Call me for your next project

Jon Ledin

913 687 9382

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